Instagram Becomes Tool For Weight Loss Motivation

Because of Instagram, many people are getting more engaged becoming more fit and getting the best out of their bodies. All those greens and the fitting inspirations they are looking forward every day on their favorite Instagram accounts, are becoming more mainstream.

Health is wealth, of course, and this is also one of the reasons why people nowadays are becoming vainer in the things that they are doing. Many teenagers nowadays tend to eat less and go to the gym more often because of the huge pressure that Instagram gives them. Actually, it is not bad at all. The social media’s pressure on people who are named fat, skinny, obese and more are just becoming more subjective and these become the judgmental side of beauty.

Weight loss nowadays are subjective to the influensive world of Instagram. Celebrities and other gym trainers tend to upload their photos hitting the gym and showing their toned bodies, to which the teens and even those adults to do the same. Inspiration-wise, it is highly recommended. But for some, their self-esteem are just plummeting.

Kristine Strange, a motivator and a gym fitness inspiration, reveals on Instagram on how she motivates herself to workout especially during the days wherein she was gaining more than 80 lbs., losing them, and regaining more from the previous figures.

A lot has changed… But my love of cats remains the same ?

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“I have had hundreds and hundreds of people say that they signed up for [Weight Watchers] because of me,” she revealed on Daily Dot, explaining her joining Weight Watchers, a 234 thousand number of following account on Instagram which garners more than 2.2 million entries of fitspiration by using the hashtag #weightwatchers.

According to Daily Dot, “The popularity of the hashtags has made it easy for the Weight Watchers social media team to find their most devoted members. The team constantly fosters their massive online presence by combing through related hashtags daily to seek out inspiring members to interact with and to feature on the official account, Salazar explained. She added that half of their Instagram content is user-generated, with vibrant and eye-catching food photos (such as, say, a berry smoothie).”

Are you trying to lose weight? Then hit on Instagram and witness these stories even just by checking on their photos. These have made their goals of losing weight even more fulfilling.

School Of Scratch: A Must-Check School For Aspiring DJs

Scratching on CDs and working on different auto-tunes make every DJ live life on the rhythm of music. For most times, the surrounding sounds become the best of them – whether they are of any gender. In so many cases, people think DJs work at night. But that’s just a myth from whoever begun such.

According to @schoolofscratch on Instagram, School Of Scratch, “Learn how to scratch in a friendly online community with me, Emma Short-E, from Studio Scratches. Click the link?to start learning how to scratch: ,” and with their belief of helping aspiring artists work on the beat of the drums and the harmony of all genres of music, the reality comes with so much ease.

“’This is bathtub scratching,’” says Emma Holmes aka Emma Short-E at the start of one of her signature School of Scratch (@schoolofscratch) videos. Today’s lesson: be creative. After gliding into the empty tub armed with a vinyl record and portable turntable, she goes to work — one hand moving the fader from left to right, the other sliding the record back and forth in quick rhythms,” says the Instagram blog post by IG Music.

Emma revealed that she loves scratching new things on her DJ set.

“A lot of it is just experimentation, so I actually give myself time to put the techniques together in different ways,” she said.

She used several of her inspirations in college around 2000s. Her mood began to swing on every aspect of her aspirations, flowing the river of notes and clefs, working with every single perfection.

“I just thought, what an amazing thing to be able to do — to play music to people and to keep it going, one record after the other, and control the energy and the crowd,” Emma said explaining her beliefs.

On the blog post, it is quite hypothetical that her brother has some stuff of his own and playing the gadgets she use to play as well. Quite interesting siblings, indeed! There are so many aspiring DJs on earth and many have come to play on different raves and events, and yes, it is never that bad at all. The more DJs on the music business, the more choices teenagers could listen to.

“He did some sample scratching and it just blew my mind,” Emma said. “I just remember thinking, I have to do that. I don’t know how, I don’t even know where to start, but that’s what I am going to do.”

Even as a female, she managed to work on her beats and sheltered herself with masterpieces of music. Eventually, in 2008, she established her own school to help those aspiring artists of her kind. It is always a fulfilling job for her, obviously.

“I wanted my scratching to be taken really seriously in terms of my skills rather than being female,” she said. “But then I decided, yeah, let’s just be all of me on camera and go for it. The first year was finding my feet. I just signed for an office space so I am going to have a bit more freedom to make more videos. I am really looking forward to seeing what else I can do.”


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